21 - NZ - I'm on holiday right now.
is that a dog breed app?! omg

Quiz up u need it lets do big flat challenges

Annoying how as a woman in science u just can’t fucking win. Biology is the closest to being equal in terms of gender and it’s seen as a “cop out” science (despite the material being equally dense + challenging), yet in my chem/physics classes I feel like a fake and an outsider. Like I have to work twice as hard just to prove myself to a class made up of 95% dudes that I even belong there. It’s so satisfying to tell a smug engineer dude you’re doing a btech degree and consistently get higher marks in the labs than him. But it’s exhausting to feel like I’m fighting 100% of the time.

Bring on summer school maths eh.

""Women are the niggers of gender," the email said. "If you killed yourself, I wouldn’t even fuck the corpse."

I blinked at my phone, fighting simultaneous urges to hurl my phone across the room in anger and cry. Later that day, someone texted me my address — telling me they’d “See me when I least expected it.”

I haven’t been out to my car at night by myself since January 2nd.

My name is Brianna Wu. I lead a development studio that makes games. Sometimes, I write about issues in the games industry that relate to the equality of women. My reward is that I regularly have men threatening to rape and commit acts of violence against me."
  • Me:ah, yes. Home alone. I can do whatever I want!
  • Me:*turns TV up a couple notches*
  • Me:*watches YouTube videos without headphones*
  • Me:getting crazy up in here